Travel on skis

Skis are a wonderful way to travel and ski mountaineers have it all.  Ascending at a regular pace enjoying the view and with huge head space the summit is soon attained.  Then comes the fun!  Very little snow is un-skiable and skiing what there is, efficiently and in control, is always satisfying.  Kilometres are covered on the slide in a fraction of the time it would take to walk.

Mountains, no matter how beautiful, are just mountains.  It’s people who make the mountains special.  Sharing a fabulous descent after a long awaited summit or a sunset before the final exhilarating run to a remote camp is what lights our fire; the space, freedom and simplicity of being in the mountains with friends.

When we ski mountaineers travel we are not pushing back the frontiers of knowledge, merely satisfying our own personal curiosity.  We discover new mountain ranges, food and languages; encountering cultures and customs strange to us.  Our travels with skis help us create a better understanding of the world and its peoples.  The main motivator however is always the same –  to have fun on skis!




I work full time as an independent mountain guide, organising and leading ski holidays anywhere in the world where there are mountains and snow.  I telemark and some trips can have up to half the team freeing the heel. The people I have the pleasure in skiing with come from all over the world with the majority being from the UK.

Trips have the same core ingredients, namely:

  • Great people to share the experience with
  • Beautiful mountains with memorable skiing
  • Cultural interest


If you think you might like to join one of the upcoming trips or have any questions please use the contact form to send me an email.  I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.




Lebanon 2005

Jim, Thanks for a truly fantastic experience in the Lebanon. I really can’t imagine a better trip….

Lucy H

Ski Japan 2009

Jim, What a great trip. It took nearly two weeks to adjust to the jet lag, cereals and toast for breakfast and cold loo-seats! We will wait your suggestions for 2010 with eager anticipation. I suspect a long trip outside Europe two years running might be stretching domestic relations a little. But then we all know how important stretching is!

Rick N

Not Crete 18

Dear Jim

What a superb trip. Though it was disappointing at first not to get to Crete. It turned out into one of the best trips ever.


Dolomites Traverse 15

Of all the not-holidays I’ve been on with you, Jim, I’ve enjoyed none more than the Dolomites this last week.  Thank you so very much.