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Snow machines, mega RVs, light aircraft and helicopters are all part of the Alaskan scene.  This is not BMW country.  Here is the land of the mammoth pick-up truck, guns and gas station coffee.  Unsurprisingly we stood out.  We ski touring Europeans travelled unarmed, by people carrier and van, stopping for ‘fancy coffee’ where we could.   Snow machines have pretty much a free reign and helicopters are all over the place ferrying skiers to ‘heli bomb’ the slopes.  A toxic mix but we weren’t in Alaska to moan so all experiences were fully embraced.

Our ski journey through South Central Alaska was with the local expert, IFMGA guide Joe Stock.  Joe loves his backcountry skiing.  When in the mountains on his skis he’s like a puppy dog with a ball.  It was fun and easy working with Joe as it was travelling and skiing with the team.  “Mountains are just mountains…” as Joe says, “It’s the people who make the mountains special.”

Alaska delivered the goods; great weather, superb skiing and fun people.


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