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Antarctica 11

Antarctica 11

An unbelievable experience made possible for us by skipper Stephen and is brilliant crew. The boat was perfect for the job, the food excellent and included an after ski beer and pizza delivery to the beach one particularly fine day. We saw whales, killer whales, leopard seals, penguins, dolphins…….

The weather could not have been better and allowed us to ski a total of 17 days on the continent and outlying islands. We skied 12 small summits from 320m to 1354m in height. The snow was excellent and the photos, as always, tell the story as well as any words. We ran out of superlatives on about day 3.

Summits included Mt Scott 960m, False Mt Shackleton 1354m and 1336m skied from both summits a total of three times as the snow was so good, Mt Demaria 650m (for many the highlight of the trip), Bruce Island 320m, Mt Banck, 675m, Rojas Peak 670m, W summit of Mt Hoegh 603m, Mt Harris 1035m and the finale on Emma Island with a 45 degree ski from the summit. We also made an attempt at Mt Francais and had a few other adventures including a football match against the Ukrainians at Vernadsky and some memorable parties on board.


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