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Crete?  You’re going skiing in Crete?  I didn’t know there was any skiing in Crete.  Is there snow?

I’ve encountered such incredulity with other destinations but Crete seems to really puzzle folks.

There is indeed snow on the mountainous island of Crete.  Not every year, but pretty reliably and what’s more, the limestone peaks were unquestionably formed by the Greek Gods with ski touring in mind.

The highlight of our week long visit was a traverse of the Lefki Ori.  We also enjoyed Psiloritis, the highest mountain, in a wet white out (Type 2 Fun) but missed out on the eastern peak Spati due to our incoming flights being disrupted by wind.  Oh the wind, the wind.  If ever I said ‘let’s stop for a drink and a bite here as there’s no wind’, woosh……..there it was!


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