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Norway Goxsheim

Norway Goxsheim

There was a lot of snow in Finnmark this year which was unusual for young folk but as it used to be in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

Due to the severity of the winter the reindeer were hungry and low in the valleys. We had to give them a wide berth as a mother, if disturbed, will abandon its calf never to return. Reindeer avoidance was thus the main criterion in deciding where to ski, the snow and weather being excellent.

Fuelled by sandwiches made with home baked bread we enjoyed gentle days in the mountains with one 1500m day. Charles reckons on 1000m vertical per sandwich but I have to confess that’s somewhat on the meagre side for me!

Dry weather meant I could start and end the day on deck with yoga in the morning and a beer after skiing. Charles and Marion did a super job looking after us. Skiing from the Goxsheim is easy and a true delight.